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Killam | Wylde is a full-service boutique design and renovation company

that specializes in the creation of timeless kitchen, bathroom, and interiors. 

By combining the design and contracting services under one roof; the result is a truly unique experience for our clients. We are able to design and renovate the space of your dreams from beginning to end; while maintaining total control of every phase of the renovation. What does that mean for our you? Our design and renovation process is seamless, which allows for full, open and clear communication between the many intricate phases of your project. And, in our experience, this is a crucial key to success in providing excellent, organized and timely service that results in a renovation that you and Killam | Wylde will be proud of for years to come.


Our design philosophy is founded in kindness, simplicity and timelessness.

Our sole desire as a company is to provide our clients with spaces that authentically represent their vision. We do this by simply listening.

At Killam | Wylde, we don’t have a particular look, we have a way.

Our way is to listen.

This allows us to hear beyond each client’s words in order to better understand the underlying wishes and dreams for their unique project.

We add unexpected touches that can only be added after learning about the people who inhabit them.

When we finish your project it not only looks good - it lives good.



We design and build spaces that are an authentic representation of you and the way you live. How do we do that? 

We Listen.

With many years of experience, we have carefully refined our process. But we are continually evolving our practice to be forward thinking and responsive in our designs. With all our redesigns we take function, style and longevity seriously.

Our goal is to design and build a space that will stand the test of time for years to come.


We are creative and imaginative solution-finders. We understand appropriate scale, materials and colour to transform spaces into surroundings that engage and enrich.

We are constantly upgrading our skills and knowledge on subjects like: 


•universal design

•aging in place

•and the latest technological gadgets for the home


Renovating your kitchen and bathroom is a big decision, followed by thousands of other decisions that need to be organized into a synergistic symphony. We understand the stress a client can feel during a renovation. Killam | Wylde is with you for the entire design and build process from the beginning to the end. We provide you with a comprehensive turnkey design & build service. We are able to fully adapt our scope of work to each project’s specific need and are well organized to support our clients every step of the way.


In everything we do, we do one thing: create home. That means whether we design where you live, where you work, or where you stay when you travel, we are designing and building a place you can come home to each time you visit.



Co-Founder / Principle Designer

I have been passionate about interior design my entire life.

My innate desire for teamwork and honing my craft to bring projects to fruition, is what keeps me connected to the world of design. I see projects as a whole and love discovering the “thread” that connects the landscape, to the architecture, to the interiors, to our client’s vision. I thrive on the details once a design reaches the construction phase, problem solving in the field, the mechanics of how it all comes together and working with creative, synergistic teams. Complete satisfaction for me is simply a happy client with whom we have enjoyed the process and had fun along the way. This gives me great joy in the work we do.

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Senior Designer

Residential / Commercial

I feel lucky to work closely with our clients and to dream of artistic and original design solutions, while also supporting the entire team with consistent attention to detail, supreme organization skills and AutoCAD proficiency. I thoroughly enjoy every phase of the projects we work on, from sketching and finalizing floor plans and elevations, to carefully and creatively selecting fixed finishes for every inch of the project’s interior, to installing the fixtures we mindfully select based on our client’s vision. My absolute favourite part: is witnessing the first time a client walks into their space. Nothing beats the feeling of knowing everything is precisely in place.

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Co-Founder / Chief of Operations

The master maestro on our project sites.

My greatest delight is helping to create intelligent designs where every architectural detail is beautiful, healthy and has purpose. No detail is forgotten on the journey toward seamless perfection. With years of gained wisdom and impeccable organizational skills I have a sincere interest in listening and interpreting a client’s vision and putting it into action. I strive to meet challenges head-on and to come up with innovative world class solutions that exceed expectations. I enjoy building abundant long-lasting relationships. I find satisfaction mentoring others in the building process and serving above and beyond to create a legacy for generations to come.

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Master Craftsman

He is our passionate and creative craftsman.

My passion for the design environment emerged at a young age and I have cultivated this love over the years through travel, music and practice. Being part of the team at Killam | Wylde has been one of the most rewarding and exciting experiences for me thus far. I love working for such an eclectic and talented group of people that are passionate about their projects. I enjoy exercising my creative eye through explorations in drawing, finish carpentry, and colour to create a harmonious, healthy and livable environment. Whether I am sitting at my drums or carving out custom cabinetry, I love what I do.

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